Ready For Another Year of Awesome???

Dear friends and friends-to-be,

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer, but it’s time to face the fact that it’s coming to an end. I know one reason everyone should be excited about the coming school year, though–UMPK training will be in full swing come September!

Personally, I’ve missed all of you veteran members dearly and I can’t wait to get to know some new members this year. So I’m very happy to spread the word about an event that will take place on campus even before classes begin! On Sunday, September 2nd, the first day of New England Parkour’s Third Annual Charity Jam will be held at UMass Amherst. Check out the facebook page or the event’s website for more details. It sounds like an awesome way to help out a good cause and get your jam on at the same time, so I hope I’ll see many of you there!

If you can’t make it to the charity jam, fear not, because UMPK practices are going to start the very next day. That’s right, the first practice of the school year will be held on Monday, September 3rd, at the usual time of 6pm. We meet right outside the main entrance to the Fine Arts Center. Whether you’ve been doing parkour since the beginning of time or you’ve never done anything remotely athletic in your entire life, we want you to come train with us!

Once the school year is underway, practice is held Monday through Thursday from 6pm to roughly 7:30pm, and we always start things off outside the FAC. So even if you can’t make it on either the 2nd or the 3rd, you can still show up on the 4th, or the 5th, or the 6th, or the week after that, or…

You get the idea. There’s no excuse not to check us out!

It’s going to be a fantastic year, my friends. Let’s start it off right!


Vimeo Promo Video for UMass Parkour!

Check out the newest video about UMass Parkour! A couple of interviews from Scott, Travis and Amy fill you in on the goings-on of our movement club! If you’ve ever thought about joining the club, now would be a great time as the weather is getting warmer and Parkour Day is coming up soon! The club practices Monday through Thursday from 6:00-7:30PM and Saturdays at the same time in the activity room upstairs at the rec center. All practices are free and open to anyone who signs a waiver. So, come check us out, watch and hopefully you’ll want to come check us out!

Also, over spring break the officers and seth went to the The Monkey Vault in Toronto, Canada for some spring break training. If you ever are near the city, you should definitely go check out the gym for at least an afternoon. The community there is absolutely wonderful and the gym has a whole bunch of different surfaces that are a ton of fun to play on. Check out the goof balls in their video below:

Spring 2012 Update – Video Blog

Hex and Trav at the club fair

Welcome back to UMass everyone! Its the second semester and parkour club is ready to go. We’re fresh from the club fair, which Hex, Trav and Marc hosted (see picture above).

We’re holding a couple of really cool events this year in addition to our practices. Here’s a letter from one of our sponsors:

Dear UMASS Parkour,

The World Freerunning Parkour Federation would like to make “Parkour Day!” an official WFPF event as part of the newly formed College WFPF. College WFPF is dedicated to promoting, organizing and supporting all college parkour events and we believe “Parkour Day!” is a great opportunity to support UMASS Parkour and the college parkour community. We fully endorse UMASS Parkour and “Parkour Day!” We encourage everyone to attend the event whether you are a parkour athlete or a spectator, as “Parkour Day” will not disappoint. The campus of the University of Massachusetts is an amazing venue for an event like this and we are excited to attend! Hope to see you all on April 28th!

Know Obstacles, Know Freedom!
Greg Milano
Matt Milano
College WFPF

Check out our first video blog for updates on UMPK:

Practice will be held Monday through Thursday 6:00-7:30PM. Meetings take place at the front entrance to the Fine Arts Center.

As the coldness comes…

Trav's dash

Parkour starts earlier! We are now meeting from 6:00-7:30pm Monday through Thursday, meet at the front entrance to the Fine Arts Center! All skill levels are always welcome, so come train.

Also, here’s a little taste of our fall training, slowly remembering to bring my camera to practices…

Welcome back to School, Fall 2011


Dear Interested Zoomassers,

Hello ladies and gentlemen, you signed our sheet asking for information and here is that information. First, I’ll start off with our meeting times. We meet Monday through Thursday, at the Fine Arts Center (FAC) from 7:00-8:30pm. Also, we hold weekend jams on Saturdays from 2:00-5:00pm. A jam is an informal session in which people from all around the area come to hang out and train whatever they want.

If you want a taste of practice without actually going to one, check out Get Active! Link: Facebook Event

My next point has to do with skill levels, if you’re afraid you won’t fit in, your fears are irrational. We teach beginners, advanced and high level parkour/freerunning practitioners. We tend to split up some group activies by skill level, so no one should feel bored or over-challenged. If you have either of these problems at practice, please feel free to speak to an instructor. Also, anyone can come, if you’re a student, an adult, we don’t really care. Just sign a health waiver and be ready to go. The only requirement for a UMass student to be come an official member is to sign up with us on Campus Pulse; here is the address:

Finally, you all should check out our own Marc Freccero in his 2011 showreel. He is the PR representative afterall…

End of Semester News

Logo by kyle maguire

Hope exams are going well! Also, we will still be practicing this week despite our intense work loads… so feel free to take a study break (and doesn’t exercise make it easier to learn? I could have sworn that I heard that somewhere).

Come take a break a join us at the 1PM Sunday Jam!

So, what’s the news?

Elections! We are holding them Tuesday May 2nd at 7:10PM. Positions available are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Equipment Manager and PR Manager.  Nominees (yes, you can self-nominate) will give a speech concerning why they think they deserve the position and what they will be able to bring to the club. Who’s excited?

In other news, Scoot and Qaz went to Boston yesterday to meet up with people from other college groups in the area, thanks to Boston College Parkour for hosting that, I’m sure there will be some sort of digital media posted about this in the near future.

For those who are looking for some end of the semester eye candy, I put together a little video of some random clips that were lying around. check it outtt

Spring Updates

The Monkey Vault: Toronto, Canada

What’s good community? Happy holiday! I just wanted to update everyone on the goings on for the rest of the semester. Now that it is warm out, we’re going to be outside as much as possible (if there isn’t rain falling on everything). Also, elections are coming up soon… so everyone should think about running and who they want leading us next year. And please please please everyone should talk to one of the officers about getting on a workout regimen, we’ll design one just for you… all you need to do is ask! Possibility of a performance coming up soon too, so get pumped.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the video of the trip hex, marc and me took over spring break!

October 2010

Hello parkour community. Recently a couple car loads of UMass students went out to Boston to see the second part (the first being in Tampa) of the first set of freerunning competitions in America. Training with professionals was great and there were a lot of awesome kids who came out to the city like us to train. Red Bull has put up some nice photos here: Art of Motion: Boston.

Red Bull AOM Boston

As for the rest of the semester, we will be practicing regularly (every weekday but friday) and jamming on saturdays as long as the weather isn’t too unforgiving. Check out facebook page for details on practices and other meetups.

Also, we are finally starting to get some mats, soon enough we’re going to need our own training gym (the “kong vault” anyone?) Currently we have two vault boxes, two precision trainers, and a couple of beat up mats. If anyone has any old gymnastics equipment or any other useful object that they no longer use… please get in contact with us, we’ll even pick it up!

Also, if you haven’t done these two things already… please do. 1) Sign a Health Waiver (applies to anyone who attends) and 2) if you want to be an official member (applies to UMass students only) you need to join up on Campus Pulse. Thanks.

Finally, we’ve got a few things happening this weekend. We’re starting to release a series of training videos on UMPK’s Youtube Account and we’re hosting a Saturday Jam at 2:00pm, meet up in front of the Fine Arts Center.

Thanks for reading, train hard and train safely! Now go practice some movement!

Fall 2010 Announcements

g. d. logo

Welcome back to school UMass… its time for us to start doing parkour again (if you haven’t been training in the summer). We have a couple of announcements to make, first off that today we’re going to be showing off some of our equipment and movements at the Activities Expo, check the link out for more info. Also, we have our first practice at the Fine Arts Center on Thursday, check out the Facebook Event. The first meeting is open to anyone with interest in the club, lets do parkour.

Summer News Update

We have a few announcements to make after an officer meeting in amherst this weekend. First, we would like to introduce the officers for 2010-2011: Travis Swain(President), Marco ‘Orbit’ Casarano(Vice President), Scott Maxson(Treasurer), Marc Freccero(Public Relations Representative), and Jasper Sardonicus(Equiptment Manager). We have a few new plans for next year which we will explain during the semester. Be ready to train right at the start of the semester and if you’re looking for more information we’ll be at the activities expo. We’ll post more information on the first meetings among other things soon, so stay tuned.