Jacked Upper Body? Check.

Marc vaulting

How many times have you looked in the mirror and seen that your upper body needs a lot of work? I’m sure we’ve all been there. However, who wants to go to the gym and spend time there among a bunch of people who will look upon you with scorn? Not me. Luckily for all of us, I’ve put together a bunch of different body weight exercises to pump you up in the privacy of your own living space. We hope you like what he has to share because these movements will get you jacked!

After the past year I (and the other officers) have been amazed at everyone’s, including UMass Parkour’s, growth. Realizing that we have only 2 months (WTF?!) till graduation, we are excited that this has been by far the best year of UMass Parkour and it’s awesome that we (the Seniors) get to leave on such an amazing note and we have no concern for the years to come and how much of an impact UMPK will have (as it is already) on peoples’ lives.

The one main thing I have noticed (which is f*cking awesome) is the strong paradigm shift people are having. A paradigm is an example or model of the way we view the world and whatever we are doing, and it is constantly changing. As of right now it seems that the UMPK motto is “Get Buck,” but a couple years ago it was “Do a gainer.” This is because myself and the rest of the group looked at gainers as an almost “impossible” move; however, once one of us landed it, our paradigm shifted. This is why right now we not only find gainers just a normal move but will say things like “Why didn’t you cork, gainer arabian, etc.”

One of my main goals with this post was to say that where you guys are, as Freshman and Sophomores, is where all the Seniors were Junior year. “To be the best is to train with the best” is a quote that I love and truly believe in. Although sometimes people may get frustrated because they see more advanced people doing more advanced tricks and they are still struggling with (what seems like) an easy move, we were all struggling with the same move not too long ago. Sometimes, although it make not seem this way, the biggest factor of why someone may seem better than you is simply that they have been doing it longer. Trust me, with 100% certainty, you will get there.

This is why I talked about a paradigm shift earlier. By training with people who are better than you your paradigm shifts and increases. When I was in New York for a tricking gathering called Drednt there were people there doing moves with such ease that I am years away from doing. By being in this paradigm that a double corkscrew isn’t hard (I was one of the only people who couldn’t corkscrew, never mind double) it made me train harder than I ever have in those 3 days. This is why when we say that where you guys are now are way ahead of where we were, we mean it. You are going to be doing things that we couldn’t even of imagined when you guys are Seniors (no joke).

Overall, with Parkour and in life, even though it might seem that you are light-years away from people better than you, keep training hard because you are really not that far away. By training with people who are better than you, even if its just in one move, you are increasing your paradigm and constantly growing. Everyone in UMPK has their strengths and weaknesses and by learning what those are you can easily improve at a much faster rate than you could have ever imagined.

I want to finish this with an important quote – “We train with others but truly only compete with ourselves.” Parkour isn’t about being better than the other person – it’s about breaking down barriers, both mental, physical and spiritual, that were currently there. To someone, its about getting their first monkey vault, while other people it will be about landing some complex flip. This is why all the main offers get excited when someone lands a move for the first time, no matter how simple it may seem. Everyone is different and when someone does something they never have before, no matter how simple or complex, they are breaking down barriers. And that is the point – to help each other break down barriers and explore who you are – because that is what life is truly about.


- Marc

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